Complete Fitness

I’ve been working to define my philosophy of TKD for a few years now. Through this process I began to think about my philosophy of life in general and what I think Complete Fitness looks like.  Below are just my ideas. Let’s be healthy!

Spiritual Fitness

People define the word spiritual in different ways. Some may call a walk through the woods a spiritual activity. Some may say that getting in tune with nature is a spiritual goal. I don’t disagree these are valuable, but as a Christiaan I define spirituality differently. Human beings are spiritual (non-physical beings) that reside inside a physical body. We have a physical part that will cease to exist  and an eternal part that will live forever. I define spirituality this way: The key to spiritual fitness is having a positive eternal relationship with the Creator of this universe through prayer, worship, scripture study, and sharing our faith.

Mental Fitness

The key to mental fitness is learning to control your state of mind. This can be achieved by learning to focus and direct your thoughts, and managing your emotions and behaviors. For example: you wake up in a bad mood and you recognize that your thoughts are not helpful nor true, so you push through that emotional state and change your mental atmosphere. You begin to focus on the positive around. You’re going to have a good day, regardless of what your thoughts or circumstances tell you.

Physical Fitness

The key to physical fitness is diet and exercise. Many illnesses can be avoided if individuals focus on these components of fitness. To achieve your full fitness potential you will also need to include flexibility training, reflex training, and get the proper amount of sleep and water.

Social Fitness

The key to social fitness is communication with those around you. The basic building block of our social fitness starts with the family unit. Maintaining positive relationships with family is important. Next is our ability to connect with wider social groups like school, work, church, or sporting events. We must also have an attitude of inclusivity, which I define as the ability to connect positively with people who do not fit our social circles. You don’t have to agree with everyone, you just need to learn to communicate to everyone.

Professional Fitness

The key to professional fitness is actively working a development plan. Professional fitness is the act of maintaining the image you project to the public and you do that by developing leadership skills and growing your network. Other aspects of professional fitness include perfecting your product (skills, services, or sellables). And it also includes polishing your image so that you can look and sound your best.

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